About Us

Our Approach

The GreeneHouse Childcare Center is committed to quality early learning and child care.  Each of our programs is designed to address the needs of children as unique individuals.  Our program focuses on developmentally appropriate learning from a brain based perspective.  We take into account all that is currently known about how children develop and bring that into practice in our exciting, dynamic classrooms.  In our program your child will be valued and supported as the exceptional person they are!

What Makes Us Different

The GreeneHouse Children’s Center is different. You will notice it from the minute you walk in
our doors. We believe children deserve beautiful places to play. We believe children should be
outside in the warm sunshine and fresh air. We believe that every child should have access to a
kind, caring responsive teacher who knows that the relationship between child and teacher in
everything. We don’t do typical daycare. We provide an educational experience in preschool
and a childcare full of hands on learning. Our approach is purposeful, focused and intentional.
Being part of a child’s system at this time in their development is too important to risk getting it